Private Lessons

Private Lessons provide customized instruction for individuals or couples who wish to take their Ballroom and Latin Dance instruction into a more concentrated area. With Private Lessons, students will examine in detail Dance Technique, Lead, Follow, Styling, Frame and Body Position, as well as understanding between the differences in the Dance Styles and how they can relate to one another.

With Private Lessons the Student(s) will also review patterns specific to each Dance Style and how they can transition from one pattern to another in proper continuity. Private Lessons will also afford the student opportunities to begin to develop reasoning behind Dance steps in order to create their own interpretation of the music.

With a combination of Private Lessons and Group Lessons Students can very easily and quickly gain a proficiency in the many Dance Styles taught at Just Dance On™ Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio. Many Dance students go on to perform in Showcases and Competitions.