Group Lessons

Group Lessons provide an affordable way for Dance students to gain exposure to a number of different Dance Styles. With class size ranging from 6 to 20 students (NO Partner Necessary) Group Lessons examine Patterns, Timing and Rhythm, and introduction to Lead and Follow.

Just Dance On™ Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio conducts Group Lessons in an 8 to 10 week series, which is designed to progress week to week. The idea behind the series is upon completion of the Group Lesson Series Dance Students will be able to successfully Dance the Style which was taught in a Social setting.

Group Lesson ‘Punch Cards’ are available for purchase, which DO NOT expire. Just Dance On™ Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio understands that people have busy schedules and often find it hard to maintain a schedule especially when their lifestyle involves travel (ie. Military, Businesses, etc.). Just Dance On™ desire to make Ballroom and Latin Dance both available and affordable.

With a combination of Private Lessons and Group Lessons Students can very easily and quickly gain a proficiency in the many Dance Styles taught at Just Dance On™ Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio. Many Dance students go on to perform in Showcases and Competitions.