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Private Lessons

Private Lessons may be taken individually or as a couple and are tailored to your individual needs. Private Lessons help you progress faster and learn the dances more thoroughly and offered as 50 minute sessions. Every effort is made to provide lessons at a time convenient to your schedule.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are a great way to meet new people & learn new steps. Group Lessons at Just Dance On™ normally run in 8 week sessions (2 Months) and cover social and competitive dance styles at the Beginner (Bronze) level and depending on the class can easily extend into the Intermediate (Bronze) level.  When announced Group Lessons will be offered for Intermediate/Advanced (Silver) level Dancers as well. Classes cover patterns, timing, and a little bit of lead and follow. Group Lessons are offered as 50 minute sessions. No partner necessary.

Open enrollment is available with no contract; however, it is recommended to begin as soon as the class starts in order to gain the most from the instruction.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Melinda Mielock, as an amazing Dance Choreographer, offers wedding dance packages specifically designed to prepare you for your Wedding Day. Melinda can not only prepare you for dancing with dance patterns, technique, and showmanship for your 1st dance, but can also develop beautiful Choreography specifically for your Wedding Song. Melinda has also assisted in creating dance routines for a father & daughter, mother & son, or for an entire group wedding party dance showcase. Specialized packages can involve Private and/or Group Lessons. Please contact Melinda for detailed information and quotes.

Performance Lessons

Performance Lessons can be geared towards Dance Exhibitions or Competitions and gear towards both singles or couples who wish to compete or perform with another Amateur (Am/Am Competition) or with their Professional Instructor (Pro/AM Competition). Competition and Performance events are scheduled throughout the year, so students can look forward to opportunities to compete and perform with other members of the studio or with Melinda. Please call Melinda for pricing and scheduling of Performance Lessons.

Social Lessons

Social Lessons are for singles or couples who are looking to improve their styling and partnering skills. Group classes can only take you so far. Social Instruction will prepare you for dancing socially at Weddings, Outings, Formals, Cruises, or even that Special Date Night. Please contact Melinda if you have any special occasion in which you would like to compliment with a beautiful dance.