Scott Mielock (RESUME)

Scott was born in Baltimore, Maryland, March 1972 and grew up in a small family, consisting of his mother Patricia and his older sister Nancy. Through much of Middle School Scott pretty much stayed to himself, until early in High School where Scott became interested in Dance, specifically Break Dancing, where he went on to performing in Public and winning competitions. In 1990, Scott joined the United States Navy first as a Reservist working as an Aviation Structural Mechanic and soon realized that Active Duty military was the career opportunity in which he had been looking. He volunteered for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal program, in which he has deployed numerous times and risen through the ranks to Chief Warrant Officer 3.

While stationed in Virginia Beach in 2007 he was introduced to Melinda who was instructing Ballroom and Latin Dance at a local studio and he took this as an opportunity to build on his interest in Dancing. However, shortly after beginning his training in Ballroom and Latin Dance, the Military transferred Scott out of the area and it wasn’t until some 5 years later until Scott would once again reunite with Melinda to continue his training. Scott knew there was always a possibility to once again be moved out of the area putting his Dance training on hold and away from Melinda, so on July 5, 2014 he married her.

During his training in Dance, he met another Dance instructor who was also an Actor and Scott’s interest in acting was ignited. Having no formal acting training during his years of military service, his recently discovered talent for acting is contributed, in part, to his experiences in the military.

Since then Scott has appeared in several television shows and commercials, worked on the set of ‘House of Cards’, ‘Hawaii Five-O’, Danced alongside Jamie Bell in ‘TURN’, and has shared the set with famed Horror Actor Bill Mosely in ‘The Possession Experiment’, a featured length horror film to be released to theaters. Scott has performed in over 50 Dance Exhibitions as well as on stage at many local theaters, and recently began to compete in Ballroom and Latin Dance Competitions.

Scott holds a very personal interested in supporting many charities, especially those which support the fight against Breast Cancer. The commitment these organizations bring to better the quality of life both physically and mentally into those many Men and Women who are fighting to win against Breast Cancer is astonishing and Scott knows of no better way to spend is free time then to be a part of that purpose. By doing so Scott has met so many wonderful people and continues to support in anyway possible.