Dance is about PassionPassionDance is about PowerPowerDance is about PurposePurpose


Dance is about Passion

A Dancer's vision as to what story unfolds thru the movements they present can be one of emotion and harnessed through the experiences in which they have lived.


Dance is about Power

A Dancer's idea into what motivates them to Dance can be as powerful and force reckoning as some Dance Styles can be in their own right. Power comes from within the Dancer. The power to be free and expressive.


Dance is about Purpose

A Dancer's realization that for each piece of Music, each Dance, and especially each Step, brings to the world a degree of understanding into perhaps who we are as individuals. It can bring to light ... our Purpose.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons provide customized instruction for individuals or couples who wish to take their Ballroom and Latin Dance instruction into a more concentrated area. With Private Lessons, students will examine…

Group Lessons

Group Lessons provide an affordable way for Dance students to gain exposure to a number of different Dance Styles. With class size ranging from 6 to 20 students (NO Partner…

Wedding Dance Lessons

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Performance Lessons

Performance Lessons can easily take your Dancing no matter what skill to a whole new level. Whether you are looking to perform for a Public Dance Exhibition, Charity Event, School…